Paaras Kaushik

Sales Executive

Paaras is a professional sales advisor and agent of the LJ Hooker team based in Erskine Park.

Clients come to Paaras when they want to see someone who genuinely cares about their needs, understands the area dynamics and has the skills to get a great price for their property in the shortest possible time. His in-depth understanding and expertise are built on a solid foundation of over a decade in Real Estate and the Finance industry.

Paaras has a wealth of information for someone looking to sell their house and looking for a new place to call home. You can be sure that Paaras will be there to help you through the process and bring you the results you want.

At LJ Hooker, we invest in your home and do all that it takes to get you the best possible price. Our Property Showcase is the best way to sell in this market and guarantees you are getting the most any buyer is willing to pay, because they pay what they ‘emotionally’ think it is worth.

Give Paaras a call today to find out how he can help you - faster and better.